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Home Care Solutions

Ebbenstone's mission is simple: Improve the quality of life of home care management teams. Everyday you're focused on taking care of your clients and staff, Ebbenstone Home Care Solutions is focused on taking care of you and improving your quality of life. Because you deserve it!

  • Automated Smart Recruitment Funnel: 10x your recruitment efforts. Screen and schedule caregivers faster than ever before.

  • Integrated Smart CRM: Automate contact creation, centralize all forms of communication in one easy to use place. Email, SMS, Webchat, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

  • Eliminate No show Interviews: Our auto reminders and reschedule options remind caregivers of their interviews and provide rescheduling options. 

  • Automated Pipelines: Track all of your teams efforts to stay on track and make sure you meet your goals and objectives.

  • Automated Smart Retention Feature: We researched caregivers biggest complaints and designed automations to drastically reduce caregiver turn over rates.

Beta Opportunities Available
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We Bring Balance to Home Care Agencies

What if your entire team could monitor in real time exactly how many referrals were coming in, how many caregivers were being recruited and exactly where they were in the process and how many new client prospects were in the system? 

Introducing Recruitment, Marketing and Sales Pipelines

Ebbenstone Home Care Intelligence pipelines track your entire teams efforts. Your recruiters can see referrals that are coming in so they can anticipate recruitment needs, your marketing people can see how many caregivers are being hired so they can communicate more effectively with new clients and their families for service start dates.   

    Home Care Productivity Pipe Lines:

  • Recruitment pipeline: Automation tracks your teams exact recruitment process in real time allowing you to adjust efforts and resources as. The best part is sales and recruitment can communicate more effectively to smooth new client onboarding.

  • Referral Pipe Lines: The best part of referral pipe lines is the ability to track and monitor marketing efforts in real time. Set and meet marketing goals, and use the power of automations to build your referral sources.

  • New Client Pipe Lines: Keep your entire team up to date in real time with the status of new clients. From first contact to scheduling the new client's first shift pipe lines boost communications and productivity.

Homecare marketing person and scheduler

Ever feel like managing your agency is a balancing act?

Have you or your team ever worked hard to bring in a new client, but instead of being happy, found your self wondering how you were going to staff it?

Recruit Caregivers Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

Ebbenstone Home Care Solutions Now In Beta!

Recruit and Retain like never before while adding new referral sources and onboarding new clients with the power of automations and A.I.

  • Fully Automated Recruitment Funnel: Recruitment funnels serve to feed all your recruitment needs. Initial screening is automated based on your requirements. progress from initial contact to scheduling of the first assigned shift in a single glance.

  • Fully Integrated Smart CRM: Contacts are automatically created, notifications are sent to recruiters the moment an application is submitted. Notes and tasks can be assigned inter staff to boost productivity. 

  • Caregiver Recruitment Automations: Automatically screen applicants, and offer applicants the ability to schedule a phone screen or choose an online screening option from your pre set schedule.

  • Retain Care Staff: We have taken the biggest complaints caregivers have about agencies nationally and integrated result solutions for your agency to be the agency of choice for caregivers to work for.

  • No Call No Show Solutions: Easily contact all available caregivers with one click from your smartphone when you have the last minute call out, or worse the infamous no call no show.

  • Reputation Builder: There is nothing more important than your agencies success than your reputation. Ebbenstone's Rep Builder will build your on line reputation faster than ever before. Increase search engine results and build credibility.

Grow Today

Growing Home Care Agencies

Growing a Homecare Agency has never been more challenging. Agencies across the country report the biggest challenges to growth is hiring caregivers. How many times have you scheduled an interview and the candidate didn't show? Do you know why? Because there are more shifts than caregivers. If you can't get to them today, some other agency will! The Ebbenstone Home Care App helps you automate your hiring process so that you can hire and onboard more qualified caregivers in a more productive way while improving the quality of work life for the entire management team!

Never Miss A Call

Your Agency Will Never Miss A Call Again

According to the Martech Health Directory 20% of Senior Care Agencies phone calls go unanswered. They state that 47% of missed calls are phone leads and that that 29% could convert into more conversions. The Ebbenstone Never Miss A Call feature will automatically text your unanswered calls and gather the vital information you and your team need to add more clients and caregivers. Never Miss A Call Again!

More Caregivers Today

Let us show you how to hire more caregivers today with the power of a digital caregiver hiring funnel complete with automated screening and scheduling functionality!

Pipe Line Views

With Pipe Lines you can see the activity of your entire team. Recruiters can see what activity is happening with new client acquisitions as well as referral source activity. Marketers can see what is in the recruitment pipelines for faster scheduling and client onboarding.

Caregiver Retention

One of the best ways to grow your agency is to reducing your 90 day turn over rates. You need to become the Agency of Choice in your local market. Ebbenstone has automations that improve quality of life for caregivers and management alike.

Now in Beta

Ebbenstone Homecare Solutions

Your Success Is Our Success!

Beta by Invitation Only!

The Raleigh SEO Team is currently researching homecare agencies across the United States to be part of Ebbenstone's  Beta Program.

Thank you for visiting our site. The Raleigh SEO Team is currently interviewing homecare agencies across the United States to see if they qualify for the Ebbenstone Home Care Solutions Beta Program.

The Ebbenstone App will give users a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining care givers, it increases office productivity while improving quality of life in the office. Based upon years of research, experience and development you will not want to miss this once in a life time opportunity! 


Home Care Solutions Beta Test Process

The Survey

Complete the beta program survey and we will send you a link to schedule and appointment and meet with one of our team members to get your questions answered and to see if you qualify for the Ebbenstone beta

Project Launch

If selected we will immediately set up your platform that will make time sheet collections a breeze, 10x your recruitment processes, drastically reduce the stress of no call no shows, decrease your first 90 day turn over rates and increase your retention rates.

On Going Support

Our team is always here for you and available as needed. We will meet regularly to review results. We know that we will grow together, as we generate business for you we remain ready to take your marketing to the next level. Your success is our success

Learn More!

Our Gift to You


Your reputation is every thing when it comes to online marketing. How is your Google My Business rating? Did you know that for every star rating you go up, you will do 10% more in revenues!

Submit a survey to be considered for our BETA and receive our Google Business Profile - pro Tips N Tricks E-Book worth $99.00 as our gift, we want it to be worth your time every step of the process weather your agency qualifies.

But that is not all! we will also give you the research we did to invite you, our Google Business Profile/ SEO Website Audit worth $249.00 as our gift to you for completing your call with us just to see if your agency qualifies for the Ebbenstone Beta. That's $348.00 for 15 minutes!

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